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Ahmad wrote:
Defeat begins when we attribute powers to our enemies, which allows fear to paralyze us. Here on this forum i can feel the subtle fear, the screams and cries of horror, but why? only because we buy the vicious idea that "they" (he) have power.

Only God has power.

The major part of this "NWO" propaganda (excluding the sincere balanced views) is aimed at instilling fear in us.

Don't worry about the conspiracy, nor about the NWO, the batllefield is in your mind/heart, every minute you are answering the question, God or Satan.

Anything that ditsracts you from God (absolute values) is Satan trying to win you over to his side.

Click on a pornography link and you are with the NWO. Smoke a cigarette, drink a beer, lose your consiousness..."the government is spying on me, i better stop visiting this website!" now you will stop because of a bunch of powerless mere mortals!, what about God who is watching your inside? who knows your inner most thoughts, shouldn't you reverence Him? or the NWO?

Give them your time and money by watching their life styles and movies!, don't question your boss, he is your god!, don't give for charity, the NPO's are NWO!, don't eat, the food is poisoned!, burn your money, for it's worthless!

And then what is left? they are stripping us of the last candle of hope, belief in an Almighty God who controls them, their money, their thoughts, and everything.

Are we that stupid to buy this handicapping propaganda? Isn't it better to look for God's messages behind the global events? or to never cross the veil of "the NWO behind everything" ?

God doesn't burden any soul beyond its means, there are two kingdoms on earth functioning now in parallel, both are controlled by God. The kingdom of Satan, with all its chaos, misery and fear, and the kingdom of God, peace, mercy and perfect happiness.

You can switch from one kingdom to another in a split second, how? only by submitting to your Creator alone and asking Him for forgivness from the bottom of your heart, by abandoning all the human-made idols (Jesus, Muhammad, saints, professional religionsists, celebrities), by living deliberately, by controlling your sinful lusts, by standing for your rights, by having no fear except from God, by being really free.

A simple solution, yet the most difficult for the majority!

[27:19] .....Admit me by Your mercy into the company of Your righteous servants."
Ahmad, I have to say this thread and every word you've written in it is the best I've read from you! You are inspiring me and I suppose all of us (almost!;-)) to really try even harder than we already are to live a righteous life and resist all things NWO and Satanic. Sometimes it's difficult to tell which is by God and which is by Satan.

I suppose in a way I've been trying to say the same things as you so eloquently put forward here, but I've been debating more with, and I have to say, against myself, trying to reason with myself to come to the conclusion what to do - physically DO! - to be on that Right Path. It's both incredibly difficult and simple at the same time. I need to sort it out in my head and, I guess, heart. You seem to have done that and I'm glad for you! I hope to join soon as I'm sorted out. ;-)

God Bless You!

Truth, Beauty, Love
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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