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Default Re: Are poor women better mothers than the rich bitches?

It is unbelievable how people want to simplify complex things. Brazilian women can be bitches, can be submissive, can be sweet , etc., they can be ANYTHING ! We are talking about 90 million people, and there is huge diversity in this group.

What sounds ridiculous to me is the idea of a foreigner coming to Brazil and finding a perfect wife like he is going to a market to buy fish. In general, Brazilian women are more romantic than US women. In general, they are not as money-hungry, even because most never had so much money to start from. In general, they are NOT dying to marry a foreigner. But of course, there are many exceptions in the 90 million women.

It seems this dude had a bad affair with ONE Brazilian woman and is generalizing.

Back to your question, I`ve seen as many bad mothers in poor classes than in high classes. The reasons are just different. It seems middle class mothers are the best, because of the strong code of morals that still exists primordialy in the middle class. But of course, there are exceptions to anything.
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