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Default Re: Know how to use your energies

I remember when I was a small child, yea, o yea, I remember the quaintness of youth. Now, I shall embark upon a story of wisdom to share with your minds a certain charming anecdotal narrative concerning the divers and sundry vicissitudinal qualities of the selfsame tale which I now have the volitional and desirous affectation to disperse unto ye even now so. Amen.

As a child I oft, so oft, was wont to meditate upon wherefore and wherewithal I might attain unto the knowledge and conversation wherein I might best use mine own energies.

Therefore I set upon this holy science with great determination toward the ascension and seizure of this pinnacle prize. I played in dirt. I ate buggers. I put batteries in my nose. I stuck forks into light sockets. I hunted snakes. I shot crows for no apparant reason. I pulled my sister's hair. I threw baseballs into windows. Many similar yet divers things did I. And for this learned I the secret science of energy well spent.

--Fra N.
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