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Default Re: Are poor women better mothers than the rich bitches?

Had a very interesting chat with psyche major today.

Did you know that Halifax has two suspension bridges? One has pedestrian traffic and the other doesn't.

The bridge without the walkway is where the serious jumpers go. The bridge with the walkway is where those who sometimes want to be stopped go.

On the walkable bridge, they average 2-3 jumpers per week and the other bridge is known to be busier for suicides.

What is the population of Halifax? Isn't that a lot of jumpers? Is that why my friend in the fed gov.told me stats canada won't tell you the number one killer of Canadians - suicide.

Which brings me to...

The rich are breeding less while the poor are breeding somewhat out of control while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer through systemic use of economic abuse, to say the least.

Where are all these jumpers coming from?

The middle class is decreasing through decreased breeding. They are jumping.

The poor are breeding well. They are jumping more.

The kids are jumping most.

Where is the love?
Where is mum?
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