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Exclamation Differring Factions:Whiteman Air Force Base....

Somebody must be reading my mind, I just heard on the radio that a certain General from the Iraq disaster has now publicly blasted the entire Cabal behind the "most horrific blunder in U.S.Military History."

I have been trying to put all the pieces of who is who in the differring factions of the U.S. Military, a military on the verge of collapse, or outright war within each of the factions. My 'guess' is that the ARMY and MARINES have been outright destroyed from within by the 'Cabal' this as more than ever in history we have NOBODY to defend this country against a MONSTROUS LOOMING ENEMY in the future (possibly within 10 years or so) I say enemy because I don't by the BS that China/Russia/Iran/Venezueala etc... are somehow "good little nations" that want peace for everybody.

Anyhow, There really is a monumental struggle going on in the Miltary as to who the heck is going to lead, the EVIL faction, or the GOOD faction? The people at some of the most secretive bases around the U.S. seem to be AT ODDS with the ruling elite right now, And of course ALL WAR is terrible and nasty, planned by the JEWS to conquer and divide, but will WE THE PEOPLE SURVIVE?

Take it for what it is, truth or fiction.


I know this person is considered a kook, but this article by him/her is interesting.

Rival U.S. Military Factions? ELLIOT LAKE NEWS & VIEWS

How the Military Can Stop an Iran Attack

Whiteman Air Force Base...


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