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Default Re: America's Arcane Origins

This is so strange.....

I was born and raised in the U.S.A., and NEVER, NEVER have I seen this coin that I now posses in my pocket right now, I don't even know where I got it from. It is a nickel, the Jefferson typical nickel I thought, until I looked in the back of it, it has a picture of two hands shaking each other, on top it says United States of America...Louisiana Purchase...1803... it has a AXE and a CANE crossed to form a letter X....the left hand has a sleeve which clearly shows 3- what appear to be rods of fasces,(such as on a dime,) the right hand has a sleeve which shows a EAGLE on it. IT IS CLEARLY A MASONIC HANDSHAKE that is taking place. the coin was minted in 2004.

If indeed the Masons established this country on the basis of there G-D, who is there G-D? The Devil?

I notice that on this very website the IMAGE OF THE BEAST IS PRESENT on the right hand corner of the page, is this a coincidence?

just google Masons Louisiana Purchase
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