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Arrow Re: Differring Factions:Whiteman Air Force Base....

The "Third World War" began 60 Years ago...

The U.S. began The Third World War right after WW2, they did'nt wait long after that to solidify there dominant SuperPower status around the world.

many people don't know this but, it's not a WW3 scenario they want, it's been done!, slowly and methodically, like only a PYSHCOPATHIC COLD KILLER does over a lifetime.

The last 60 years have seen a UNDECLARED WAR ON THE THIRD WORLD the likes of which have never been seen before in world history, the lives of over (possibly, indirectly, or otherwise) 10 million have been taken.

This is not the will of the American People, let's get this straight, but, the people have been utterly duped into believing there government was doing the right thing for long term survival.

I wrote a thread about this on another Forum, since I've been permanently banned from said Forum, I will have to re-write and update it here.

First we must begin in the current situation at hand, The war in Iraq, a MONUMENTAL DISASTER for the U.S. Again the PTB with there head up there ***** so casually mistook the so-called enemy as a easy rollover, nothing could be farther from the truth, what I will attempt to describe here is what's actually going on there. We all know the PTB wanted OIL and a STRATEGIC foothold in the ME, they got NOTHING! (ALL for Israel of course.)

Why the U.S. will possibly be destroyed...

Asymetric Warfare on the U.S.

Asymmetric warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This type of warfare is the most dangerous in all of human history, it has no boundaries, no laws, no Nations, no treaties, NOTHING to contain it.

The U.S. is the Nation that elevated itself by using this type of warfare on the "Third World" for over 60 years, now sadly, the table has turned, the so-called 'enemies of America' are now in charge, anything goes when MAD-MEN rule.

I will provide the links that indicate China- Russia-Iran-Venezuela, etc..(maybe at least 15 other Nations) are now plotting the destruction of the USA, some will say this has been planned for so long. MAYBE???

Here is how the U.S. decimated the THIRD WORLD using Asymetric Warfare.

Third World War

Below here you will read how possibly using Asymetric Warfare the above mentioned countries will destroy the U.S. this is not fiction, this is reality.

Part 1

Asia Times Online :: China News - Striking the US where it hurts

Part 2

Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong Kong News and Business.

what's the old saying? WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND???? continued later at another time.

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