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Default Actual Battle Plan To Defeat the NWO

Most of us know we don't have the luxury of time anymore. We have to start getting deadly serious about the fact that we are in a CLASS WAR and we're losing it. We're losing because we have absolutely no plans for fighting back that will cause enough damage to the NWO freight train fast enough. Our enemies have plans within plans and have been attacking us on every front for a very long time. All we have right now is an info war, a bunch of angry people running around pointing out the details of how we're being attacked and confronting the people attacking us with video cameras.

This is important for sure, but you cannot win a war just doing this. This is like standing on the battle field and pointing out "oh, look over there, that guy just got his head blown off. And those guys just got mowed over by a tank." While the info war is important for sure, we have an army that's already awake and chomping at the bit waiting for attack orders. We need to put some significant energy into organizing the army we already have and show them exactly how to attack in order to cause the most damage possible to the NWO freight train in the shortest amount of time. We have to form a consensus on a plan of attack and fast!

Thanks to the education we got from the televised Iraq war, we know the first thing you do in war is take out the enemy's command and control structures. In this country, the NWO's control of Congress and election process is their primary command and control structure. So the first order of business is to take back control of Congress, the only institution empowered to stop what they are doing. And what is our greatest weapon for accomplishing this? We only have one. Our votes. No matter what else we may do, the rubber hits the road at the polls. What happens there is the key.

The obvious problem with our most powerful weapon is the elections are rigged to render or votes harmless. So the task is to figure out how we can hijack the election and use it in a way nobody will expect. Right now we have no power in elections because we've been playing their game. All we have to do is simply make the upcoming election about something other than deciding which party wins. All we have to do is impose another more fundamental purpose on top of it, one that will deny those that control it any say over the outcome. We make the next election about IMPOSING OUR WILL ON ELECTIONS by uniting the power of our votes and casting them to Kick Out All Incumbents! We make the next election about proving we have more influence of who gets elected than powerful special interest lobbyists or the political parties they control.

We are not going to survive as a nation much longer unless we get this radical and revolutionary in our thinking. Until we establish that we are totally fed up with all the deceit and lying and wholesale treason by proving it at the polls in some massive way like I'm proposing, this war is lost.

All I ask is for everyone to consider all the possible things we could do. Then think of doing this. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up the day after the election and find that the entire House of Representatives is empty and 1/3 of the Senate! What else could be possibly do to send a more powerful message?! What else could we possibly do to prove we are deadly serious?! What else could we possibly do that would have more impact, in less time than this? It's totally doable. All that's required of anyone is to show up at the polls and DON'T VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT. Everyone can do this. Everyone can participate. All it will take is one afternoon at the polls to slam the breaks on the NWO freight train. If we did this, there would be no doubt whether or not our votes had any power.

Doing this revolutionary act would be like smashing the NWO right upside the head. They don't care about all our threats because they know most people will play their election game all over again. We have to refuse to play their game. This is the most direct, powerful, non-violent revolutionary thing we could do. And there's still enough time to organize it. We could even recruit all those people that never vote because this time, their vote would count for sure.

Please check out my plan at The Kick Them All Out Project.

The only way we can take back control of Congress is to prove that we have more influence over who gets elected than powerful special interest groups or the political parties they control. Once we have proven that we are capable of doing such a thing, the whole game will shift in our favor. This one decisive victory could turn the tide in this class war like nothing else we could possibly do. If we did this, suddenly all kinds of things that don't seem possible now will suddenly seem possible. For the American people to rise up and unite their most basic power over government like this would send a message around the world that in the United States of American, the NWO will not prevail!

Please check out the project summary and FAQs.
Full Project Summary

After reading the plan, please write to me and let me know your thoughts. And if you feel the project has merit, help spread the word as fast as you can. We can unite the power of our votes and effect sweeping change NOW! There's nothing to stop us but us.

We can use the power of our vote to affect sweeping change NOW.
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