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Default How do YOU combat nwoitis????

How do YOU my friends combat 'nwoitis'

nwoitis: is the term for the symptoms, the effects that knowledge of the nwo bring about to your life. For me the worst effects have been lack of motivation and lazyness. Let me tell you some of my story

lack of motivation: How can one be motivated when he knows there is not a future to look forward to? one can one be motivated when one knows society as we know it will collapse in a few years? how can one be motivated when he knows the nwo is planning to wipe out 90% of the worlds population with man made diseases??

It is really hard being a fun person and being 'normal,' you know be like the rest of the people and only think about going out to watch movies with friends, parties, eat at restaurants, work work work etc. Almost everything I do I lack motivation. It has really hurt me in college. It is difficult putting great effort into anything when you are not motivated. Im going to college for what again, knowing that society could collapse in a few years. Why should I study hard for a future world or should I say future police state? I still pass every class but i do it by not putting great effort, i rarely study. I go to college thinking and knowing it will lead to nothing. I do it without satisfaction or happyness because lack of motivation has made me lazy. Don't think im some hippi that has long hair and doesn't do anything all day. I still work, go to college, live a normal life, everything is normal except the mentality. Rather than doing the above I rather be a traveler and just travel the world, but I ain't got no money so just do the normal stuff. Very difficult to enjoy life when you know the nwo conspiracy.

Really difficult to worry about the future when you know the future is a dark world full of evil. I refuse to get married for the reason that bringing children unto this world that is about to end is just EVIL in my opinion. Why bring them only so they suffer and die young which is very likely taking into consideration the prophecies/wars/plagues we have and that are coming? I won't be able to have my own family oh well not that i was looking forward to it but its just another thing the nwo deprives me off. The nwo deprives us of a future, true happiness (which comes from finding a husband/wife and making a family) and countless other things.

I just live life day to day, not thinking or worrying about the future or lifes little problems. This is probably the only good thing that the nwo has done for me. I nolonger worry so much about life and its problems. Seriously, why worry about lifes little problems? whether it be running out of money, paying bills etc? when you know that the world is going to face trials and tribulations in the coming years so great your chances of survival are minimal?? you might as well be a good person and worry less. I try to be a good person all the time, read the Bible daily, be nice to everyone. Knowing about the nwo has turned me into a worry free guy, kinda like Timon and Pumba in the movie the lion king :lol: but this means lack of motivation and lazyness. The nwo has given me natural yoga, im calm, cool and collected all the time, no worries just take it easy and be a good person, obeying Gods laws as much as possible.

You read my story and my case of nwoitis, now tell us about yours! (don't be embarrassed)

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