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Default Re: Does Israel's peace covenant mark the beginning of the 7 years to Armegeddon?

The problem with end-times talk from the pulpit is that it creates a sense of impending doom/judgement and convinces christians (most of western world) of the inevitability of such things as a 'New World Order', 'rumours of wars', etc. Interesting how this plays into the hands of the nwo agenda. Where did we get this interpretation of scripture? "He who has ears let him hear". I have recently begun to realize that the wisest interpretation of Jesus's, John's, Ezekiel's prophecies is that all of it was fulfilled at the time of Jerusalem's destruction (70AD). This is known as the Preterist View. In the days of the early church this was most likely generally accepted truth until the catholic church was created. The preterist view makes more sense to me than the futurist view, I was raised to see the futurist view but I now see it as propaganda.
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