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Default Re: Goodbye Club Conspiracy...

Dekieon wrote:
I think a conspiracy theory forum should be able to talk about whatever conspiracy, or theory that it's members want to talk about. If someone has no interest in a particule thread, then they should just skip it and check the next one.

Not sure what site is being talked about that removed the link to this site, but if they did, then that is their business. If the reason for it was because of particular subjects, then that just makes them blind.

To try and make a website focus, or not focus on any subject is no different then the main stream media directing peoples thoughts with their bogus info. A conspiracy forum should be free from those things that it fights to expose.

There is no reason to call this site a porn site, just because you, or someone else doesn't agree with some thread subjects.

Is shackled earth your website? if so, GOOD JOB! and a extremely informative website.
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