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Default Re: Differring Factions:Whiteman Air Force Base....

BlueAngel wrote:
RedRat said:

Why do you keep interjecting Bruce (jew)Sprinsgsteen in threads that are unrelated? because I said "what comes around, goes around" you write some non-sensical stuff from that person. you are very good at doing stuff like that. Please obey the forum rules.

Note: I'm now going to eat dinner, somehow will that be related to B. Springsteen BA?



You asked about the saying, and it just so happens that saying is in a line from one of his songs.

Why are you so prickly about the fact that I mentioned that in this thread?

Springsteen is a JEW???

Maybe it should be Springstein!

I don't inject him in every thread.

So, obviously, you're lying.

I'm perfectly capable of posting on this site without you telling me to obey the forum rules, especially since you don't obey them.

Actually, no. Whatever you have for dinner will not be related to Springsteen.

I don't see why you think that it would.

YES, Spring"steen" stein, is a JEW, or did you not know that? Or do you need me to school you on how JEWS change there last names to fool the Gentiles in making them believe there 'Real Americans' I thought you knew that BA, come on now, you dissapoint me.

I can provide you with proof, but, I'm confident that you are more than capable of doing your own independent research. Am I a liar BA? Do I not obey the forum rules? Oh, and just for you BA, I will leave with my SIGNATURE at the bottom.

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