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Default Re: Actual Battle Plan To Defeat the NWO

I agree with the voting system being turned upside down. I'm proposing we turn it right-side-up again by taking back the process from those that have a strangle hold on it. I just don't get why so many people have such a hard time seeing we can do this. It's the most obvious, simple, direct thing we CAN do if we wanted to. I mean, just imagine, voting out all incumbents! You don't think that would be powerful? You don't think that would have a major impact at least slowing a major wrench in the NWO plans?

This IS what the founding fathers would do. They set up the system so we would have the power to Kick Them All Out if they were not doing the will of the people. They wouldn't burn down the capital. They would throw the bums out by voting them out. We don't have to get violent. In fact, that's what the NWO crowd would love so they could impose their eagerly awaited martial law on all of us cause we're so unruly.

Listen, I'm been around a long time. We have the power to fire every politician in Washington. It's really that simple. You can say people won't do it all day long, and nothing will change. OR we can convince enough people to do it and change everything virtually overnight. There's a whole lot of pissing and moaning going on but nobody has any solutions. This is the most powerful, immediate thing we can do.
We can use the power of our vote to affect sweeping change NOW.
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