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Default Re: Differring Factions:Whiteman Air Force Base....

RedRat said:

YES, Spring"steen" stein, is a JEW, or did you not know that? Or do you need me to school you on how JEWS change there last names to fool the Gentiles in making them believe there 'Real Americans' I thought you knew that BA, come on now, you dissapoint me.

I can provide you with proof, but, I'm confident that you are more than capable of doing your own independent research. Am I a liar BA? Do I not obey the forum rules? Oh, and just for you BA, I will leave with my SIGNATURE at the bottom.


No, RedRat, I don't need you to school me on anything, especially how JEWS change their last names so as not to appear TO BE CONNECTED TO THEM or ONE OF THEM.

John Kerry still denies that he is Jewish and Madeline Albright, not too long ago, apparently discovered her Jewish ancestry.

I simply inquired as to your comment that Springsteen was Jewish.

You don't need to rant and rave.

Although, I'm quite capable of doing my own independent research, you are more than welcome to provide the proof that Springsteen is Jewish.

In case you haven't noticed, I have continually stated that Springsteen is ONE OF THEM in every way.

You are inaccurate in your accusation that I interject Springsteen into every topic.

Perhaps not lying. Just inaccurate.

You are not in a postition to tell anyone on this forum to obey the rules.

FYI, I don't post here to gain your acceptance or approval and Springsteen has performed the song, "Night" in several of his shows of late.
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