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Default Re: 9/11 or Princess Diana?

Everytime something happens on the news now, such as the new Diana stuff going on in the media. I get the impression that my attention is trying to be redirected from something else, something more important.

Ex. when 9/11 happened, the focus was on gotta get revenge on Osama Bin Landen fro what he did. Yet the attention should have focused on the fact that the proof of Osama having done this, hasn't ever been released. The focus should have been on the crazy laws being passed quickly to take peoples rights away. The focus should have been on the US government positioning themselves as dictators.

Now when the Diana thing came back up on the news. I have to ask, what else is going on that is not being discussed in the news, or if it is reported, it is a little tiny blurb on some page near the back of the news paper. Such as a rise in police brutality reports, the fact the people from the US (who are known to be involved with the 9/11 truth movement) are being blocked by the border when they try to come to Canada. The fact the the economy in the US is about to crumble, and it seems to be deliberate.

Just a thought.... Now discuss.... :-)
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