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BlueAngel wrote:
Bush isn't going to VETO a defense spending bill. I know you know that.

Thus, the reason the "hate crime's legislation" was placed within.

I bet you he will BA, Bush will veto the bill because it will'alienate' the already busted up Republican Party. Also that bill is stocked with PORK spending,(not that it matters to Bush,) but,right now the GOP is cascading into oblivion, it would be suicide if Bush and the GOP sign that bill into law, you know they do want to have at least the presidency in there corner for 2009. More Defence Contracts to pass around. The Dems don't have much 'connections' in the Military Industrial Complex like the Repubs pukes.

Oh and check this out, maybe they should have interviewed me instead of Hal, I surmised there would be a "Noose Boom" before Hal.

Excerpt from the Hal Turner show below...
Major Network Interview:
Daytime Anchor being flown out from Los Angeles to be with me tomorrow
I won't say which network, but I will say it has to do with the "Jena 6" and the phenomenon of nooses propagating across the country.

They reached out ot me late last week to try to put an interview together this week. We set the schedule, so I'll be in midtown Manhattan for about three hours tomorrow to do the interview.

They are doing a one hour documentary on the issue and I am to get one full segment of the hour. They have also told me Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center will be included in the segment covering me. That ought to be interesting.

The documentary will air within two weeks. Since it is a documentary, it will air and re-air several times, so there will be lots of exposure.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Note: Hal Turner is a racist crackpot, I don't recommend his site to anyone.

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