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Default Re: Actual Battle Plan To Defeat the NWO

Solutionary wrote:
And you know, part of the lies and manipulation we are all subjected to is the notion that voting out all the bums won't work. It's one of the biggest lies of all and sadly, too many of us still believe it. We have the power to vote them all out. We just have to stop telling ourselves it won't work and just friggin do it!

Yes, we have that power, let me tell you how many times we the people have ("been there, done that.") USED THAT POWER...

1. How about back when Ross Perot was running, after Bush Senior wrecked the country.

2, How about in 96, or 98, when the Dems were tosed out for corruption.

3. How about in 2000 or 2002 when the Repubs swept both houses due to voter "dissatisfaction"

4. How about last year when the DEMS swept the REPUBS out for incompetence and corruption.

So, as you see the main problem is the system has been utterly corrupted so as to have no-fix. Nearly EVERY candidate that is put in power is either silenced, brought out, corrupted, blackmailed, or worse KILLED.

We live in a CORRUPT system beyond repair, thus I say only a Revolution of the ugliest kind can clean government up. But R.Paul can do much to at least erase all the shenanigans Congress passed the last 50 years or so. If they don't kill him first.
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