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Default Re: Does Israel's peace covenant mark the beginning of the 7 years to Armegeddon?

The problem with end-times talk from the pulpit is that it creates a sense of impending doom/judgement and convinces christians (most of western world) of the inevitability of such things as a 'New World Order', 'rumours of wars', etc. Interesting how this plays into the hands of the nwo agenda.
Good 1st post Paris_hawks!

I guess I haven't really read the Bible too thoroughly. Your suggestion is of course a very valid possibility. It creates a vacuum though, in the narrative, doesn't it? If Jerusalem's destruction is what the prophets in the Bible are talking about when they talk about "End Times" etc., then how are we to interpret their "prophesies"? Are their prophesies in fact played out already? Their "sell by"-date passed, so to speak? If yes, have we then in fact already experienced the <a href="">Second Coming of Christ</a>, without realizing it?

Personally, I've always found the End of the World scenario not to be taken literally. Maybe my imagination is not so developed - alternatively it's OVER-developed! - but I have a funny feeling our perception of Reality is in fact flawed; we really can't see Reality as it is, we only see a fraction of it, that is the material, temporal reality. So in regards to the "End of Reality", it can look VERY different to how we are capable of imagining it.

One way we as humans would need to develop our perception is by way of symbolism and analogy. Maybe if we could understand the symbolic meaning and see references of analogy in the myths of ancient peoples and traditions, like the Bible, Baghavad Gita, Quran, Vedas etc., we would have a fuller, more complete picture of Reality.
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