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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

NWO Rule No 1: Intimidate them with as much awful news of wars and destruction and death and hopelessness as can possibly be done.

This will ensure a depressive/lethargic type response bordering on hopelessness and prevent the active formation of grass roots movements designed to counter us.

They used to whack rats in a cage to develop this response.

Dont fall for it...Wars, rumours of wars...China/Taiwan etc...

Continue to live. Continue to talk.

I started full time work today. Sick of all the NWO bullshit...but then...found i was actually invigorated and amongst the people and was getting motivated again by talking to people at work and customers.

"I'm back baby"!

You can fight and have a pleasant meal by the sea without guilt.

Because of this I am more determined than ever to carry on the fight in my own little way.

I want my cake and eat it to. I'm not going to martyr myself for any cause or anyone.

And because of my 'selfish' attitude i am more able to fight them bit by bit and by getting out in the community find myself amazed by the level of knowledge in my community I would never have found ruminating on the latest bit of depressing news about the NWO stuck at home behind the computer.

I'm not exactly sure where the boost came from as I've felt the same sense of helplessness.

In psychotherapy they call it the point of 'optimal frustration', where you get sick to death of being the victim and want to live and make the world as it should be.

More positive, more money, more power to make a change.

Stuff the negativity and the fools who are waiting for Armageddon.
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