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Default Re: A Prayer For Evil Doers

Hey Yishdickhead!

Strangely, i can attend ANY group service involving Christian beliefs and indeed Muslim beliefs...but i cant attend yours?

One more time...fuck off.

Of course i cant back that up with anything physical but if i could i'd march you out into the street utilising everyone of my 100kg fast twich muscle fibres and slap you around like a bitch.

You make me sick. I really mean that.


I was about to say please refrain from using prayers to God but then i realised that you dont. You specifically state GATU. Because you have not the slightest belief in a Christian God. Or in fact any God other than your own rational intellect. Formerly known as Lucifer. Being a pleb you probably ar'nt aware.

You are simply a business affilliation designed to further power and influence.

So again...fuck off.

I'll argue and apolagise for foul language to anyone else on this forum but you. Including Rush Dooney a million times over.

Fuck off.

P.S Your location? "Chasm Enter"...yes, exactly. And thats where you'll be ending up.
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