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Default Re: Thoughts on J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Inasmuch as I am the author of this thread and questioned J.K. Rowling's rise to fortune and fame and, at the same time, asked for the opinion of others, I have NO IDEA why you comment as you do!

Of course, she's a NWO operative.

It couldn't be more obvious.

Could be that children incarcerated in mind control programs are now being PROGRAMMED to her books.

Perhaps, the old Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan are too outdated for the new generation of children, as well.

There has to be a tie-in somewhere to her books and the other methods used on children who are not directly incarcerated in mind control programs.

I'm almost certain she is not the only author of these books.

Introducing a gay character.

How nice!

Social programming at its' finest and targeted at our youngsters.
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