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Default Re: Prayer that Works for me.

Spiritual Freedom

Since we are temporarily occupying the human bodies we have, I'm wondering if the physical nature of the world we inhabit will be destroyed, The Bible says that GOD made the Earth to stand forever, and (depending on your reading of scripture) that there will be peace on Earth for a thousand years, after Satan is binded and chained in Purgatory. During these 1000 years Satan will no longer have any authority over human matters, Humanity will re-create the original PLAN of GOD, which is to make the Earth a Paradise under Christ Kingdom.

Of course before all this can happen, there must first arrive the Anti-Christ to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, these end-times we are currently living in is extremely EVIL, such as the world has never seen before. After or during Armageddon, the Bible says Jesus will come with full authority to Cleanse the Evil off the Earth, and then it will be his faithful followers who are put to the task to rebuild the Paradise lost. also during this 1000 years of Peace, the Dead will awaken from there "places" and be reunited with there loved ones, As death and suffering will be a thing of the past, Christ Kingdom Come!
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