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Default Re: Thoughts on J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Oh, please, people! Don't sit there and tell me you didn't know Dumbledore was Gay!

I mean, just look at him! That's the gayest wizard I've ever seen! He's queer as a three legged dog!

The only question people are really asking these days about the whole situation is who is more gay 1) Dumbledore or 2) Crowley.

At first I highly suspected that Crowley was probably far gayer. But now, understanding all the perved out freudian slips that Dumbledore was always dropping on Harry, I feel that Dumbledore might even be gayer and even have pedophile tendancies.

The only thing certain at this point is that Dumbledore is one big flamer! The rumours are that he needed the sorcorers stone because he had contracted HIV from Hagrid the year before Harry came to Hogwarts.

This is so gay...

Dumbledore feels so gay when he twirls his wand just the right way...

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