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Default Re: Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?

Highly Paid “Coward” - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Highly Paid Coward. And the funny thing is that, if you see the videos they were showing in the background when he was talking about the (according to him) “ridiculous allegations” from “911 Truthers” – that the TWC buildings (all 3 of them) came down due to “Controlled Demolitions”, all of the footage looks the same, whether “controlled demolitions” or “WTC buildings on 911”.

Where is the “Inferno” they are talking about? Just a few floors of mostly ”deprived-of-oxygen black smoke”. The few flames that were there disappeared immediately, as the building started coming down at a speed faster than gravitational “free-fall”. Which means, (from a “physics” point of view) there was “no resistance” – in other words, the building itself, w/ all of it walls, steel beams, concrete, furniture, elevators, pipes, & more steel beams, provided “0”, “zero”, “zilch”, “nada”, “no resistance” whatsoever. Exactly what you’d expect from a “controlled demolition”.

7 CIA Veterans Challenge Official 911 Report

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