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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

So Bizarre is right. Really strange. To me it sounds more like, most of what he says is all pre-programmed, however not being able to recite the sentences as pre-rehearsed, he ends up mixing up everything, words, ideas & phrases, altogether. I am hoping one day he’ll just fuck up & tell us the truth, by accident, which he has already, but the media has completely ignored it.

In this case I think he was referring to 911. I think that the entire phrase is very interesting, since he is telling us some of the truth behind his real motives. For example: “we’ve got more work to do” means exactly that. They’ve got much more stuff coming down the pipes. “We the free world” could be interpreted as “we, the ones in power, the ones w/ the OWG agenda”. Again, “Liberty” for him means “those in power who have the Liberty, because of their power” to “promote”, which means “to oblige or force the rest of the world”, since they have the “responsibility” or “duty” to “force their will” on everybody else. Now, we know that true “Liberty”, as suggested in our Constitution does not mean that the Government has to force anyone, or the World for that matter to adhere to their “forms of government”. In the Constitution the government is supposed to be subservient to “the people” & not the other way around. Now “What causes 19 kids to get in airplanes to kill 3000 students” could literally mean “many bad things mixed up all together in 1 ugly sentence gone wrong”, during the interview. Ultimately, I think it means “Mind Control”, or Manchurian Candidates on a mission. Now, the entire thought means, that they are still on their God assigned mission to promote, by either force or regime change, governments around the world to adhere to the dictates of the global government. And, they could achieve this. By adopting a doctrine where, by planning ahead how to respond to terrorism, rather than prevent terrorism, they can contain, control, & manipulate their respective populations – so when the shit hits their fans at their respective locations - whether it is India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, it doesn’t matter. The same game plan would be put in place. Everyone singing to the same tune, playing to the same sheet of music. First comes the big catastrophic event, which then forces their respective government to respond, by taking charge, to control, reroute, & redistribute the population according to plan. Isn’t this the same ideology & infrastructure they have been promoting all around the world?

Now on a second thought, we could take 2 words in the phrase “What causes 19 kids to get in airplanes to kill 3000 students”, replace them w/ their alternates, & see what happens. If we take the word “kids” to mean the “highjackers” & we take “students” to mean the “victims” of 911 we have something a bit more interesting. “Kids” make perfect “candidates” for “indoctrination”, & for obvious reasons. They are young adults, & thus not fully developed. They are still mentally & emotionally immature to an extent, & do not have a well-formed belief system. They are easily influenced, they are easily re-trained to do new things, that their minds are not going to reject because of some “belief”. They always turn “kids” into “soldiers, agents, provocateurs, or terrorists” (among many other possibilities). Now, the fact that the “victims” are just “regular people” (for the most part), or not very high up in the pyramid, & thus “expendable”, they are still “students”, because they are still learning & are thus not the “Illuminated” ones.

And finally, the word “deal”, which is very important w/in the context in which it was used. The word “deal” implies the “execution of pre-planed & organized events” that take place in the “aftermath” of the “catastrophic event” – as executed by the (brainwashed) “kids”. And since the phrase reads “to promote forms of government that deal with”, it implies that an ideology is being promoted to "deal" w/ the "aftermath of terrorism", as opposed to "prevent terrorism". We know that for many centuries & perhaps aeons, wars have been used to cause big changes & fast. What would otherwise take many years of negotiations, now they can do w/ a lot of money & a good war, not to mention the fact that, they become the benefactors, & profiteers of war. Now, they also have “terrorism”, another form of war, another form of enemy, & a very convenient enemy, which is neither easily definable, nor easily located. It can be anywhere, & at anytime. So, it looks like the perfect mechanisms by which they can “promote” a “new form of government”, or a “New World Order”. Now, all the pieces fit each other perfectly.
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