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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Terrorism is their TOOL now for forcing regime change, etc.

Playing the TERRORISM card.

Remember the deck of cards that were printed after 911?

When I listen to Bush talk, I cringe, like most people because of the inconsistencies in his thought processes, etc.

His incongruencies.

His inability to string together coherent sentences at times.

His long pauses, when searching his brain for an answer to a question.

What I see is a mind controlled puppet with what I refer to as a "scrambled brain."

A trip to TINKER AFB would be in order for some descrambling.

Or, for scrambling purposes when "intelligence" is to be erased/replaced or to be programmed for the next "situation."

In Bush's case, I think he is a "defect," inasmuch as it is not possible, as evidenced, to descramble his "core" personality as to appear intelligent and not the "babbling idiot," at times.

The slip-ups are astounding.

So, whether this is protocol, (i.e., a dumb President making dumb mistakes that they wanted him to make), could be.

Could be the effects of drugs and alcohol, as well.


Makes me wonder if something is planned at a school.

He definitely said 19 KID hijackers.

They weren't KIDS.

HE definitely said 3,000 students.

Students and kids!!
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