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Default Re: A Prayer For Evil Doers

True Believer has nothing to do with religion.

It is a term to describe someone not yet consumed by cynicism in the political process.

Dick face is a Mason.

So he claims.

Obviously none of you here know the Masons.

I KNOW them well. REALLY WELL.

Especially the English/Australian conservative ones.

Ahmed. You obviously know nothing of the Masons.

Please keep to your excellent knowledge of The Book.

To anyone else. My knowledge of the Masons comes from direct experience.

Certain people on this site know my background.

Unlike many. I have experienced first hand the evil of the NWO.

Once again to dick face who has the nerve to call himself the son of God. FUCK OFF.

And if foul language offends you...get a pair of testicles. You'll be needing them in the fight to come.

P.S Yes idiot...anagram or speaks for itself.

I am a lover of the Earth, you the airy intellect, and through this love your ilk will commit the most henious of crimes.

Take your 'beautiful' half assed attempt at praise of a God you have not the slightest belief in and shove it up your arse.

You bunch of nieve idiots, absoloute idiots.

BTW...i'm not right to call you those things. You arnt even a Mason. Just an idiot agitator with access to the internet.

Peace? I bring a sword. Stick turning the other cheek. I'll leave that to the sheep.
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