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Peace Draken,

Satan (the Jinns) rebelled, God then created Adam (the Humans) to expose him.

God ordered all the angels to prostrate (serve) Adam from then on, they all accepted except Satan, he said "I am better than he".

In every human body, there is a human soul (that has a part of God's soul blown into it) as well as a Jinn soul. The voice you were debating with is not yours! it's a totally separate entity.

The ego is the weak part of our soul (the self) that had doubts about Satan's claim, and decided to follow him to earth to see the validity of his claim.

The claim is simply that "things and people can harm or benefit on their own" for example, if one seeks money thinking that it will bring him happiness (on its own) he is actually being controlled by his Jinn-companion.

When people drink or abuse drugs, the Jinn automatically takes over, the dominant thoughts while intoxicated are from that separate invisible entity.

The Jinn-culture is about two things, obsession with things and people because of attributing their powers (skill, beauty, functionality...etc) to them instead of God, ofcourse the other side of the coin is unjustified hates and fears. Why? because they chose to disregard God, thus they can not feel the absolute values (Justice, Beauty,...etc) which comes directly from God.

The second thing about the Jinn is their arrogance, you can notice it in their exagerated way of talking and walking (specially the leaders), they target the different (in gender, color, belief..etc) to feel better, Satan was the first to develope this complex "I am better than he".

This results in a category of human beings (actually Jinn-controlled humans) who seek leadership in order to enslave the others and feel better. For when the Jinn-companion takes over and successfully enslaves his human-companion 99% he turns to enslave others as well.

All that lead to the overwhelming plague of oppression allover the earth today, whether between countries (wars, tyranny, inequality) or individuals (bullying, racism, intolerance..etc).

If you keep thinking that the evil thoughts are initiated by you, there is no way out.

Find your true self, listen to your inspiration, and confront the truth with all the might you can muster, for it's our last chance.

To Be Protected From Satan

[23:97] Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils.

[23:98] "And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me."
God\'s alternative, USN

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