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Default Re: Cloak of Invisibility

I wrote about this back in November. In halifax harbour dockyards they have such technonlogy. My understanding is that it works as long as you don't apss through it. My mate caught bozos turning on the field to hide behind the disappeared area and smoke a joint. Yah, yah, yah. The bastids always let you know what they are up to. Was it the Klingon's with the cloaking device or what it those other pointy eared fellows other than the vulcans? What were they called?

I also understand they can successfully move the penny from here to there and are working on bigger stuff.

The nutty thing I heard about was ripping time. Some folks who work in high places really believe they have capacity to jump through time and alter tings... I'm still undecided on that one.

Kind of exactly what truebeliever stated, they count on the public thinking that's too whacked out to be true. I can't quite swallow the space travel....
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