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Default Re: Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story

I only learned that a few years back. That's why U.S. could not conquer Iran. far too many seasoned war veterans and god loving/praying folks who would not ever give up.

The universities are a fairly new idea to Iran and so this train of thought must have been somewhere introduced into the pattern of thought of Iranian parents within the last century. Maybe that idea of supporting the students transmigrated like cleaning the sweet pototaes???

Lots of people saw each other doing it and soon everyone was just doing it as if it had always been this way.

Interesting culture huh? I wouldn't have thought they had so much gusto cuz the gov can be brutal and lethal when these student demonstrations occur. People die and the students are heard.

Can you imagine that? To stand up and die for what you believe in.

"No honey, I will not go stand shoulder to shoulder with my son and his student friends, I have to go make the donuts to recieve the pennies to rent my house and my car and all the other goodies the bank really owns. He's on his own."

How oppressed were these nations which we, the free world, then invaded and conquered on a more lethal mind-boggling basis?

Under the illusion of democracy and freedom lies tyrrany against humanity.
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