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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

Well I try to start each day with my schedule, because I try to make the best of what I do.

I treat myself each day (like I will in a little while) to a nice lunch. I will go back to work this afternoon to provide therapy activity for a gent who has speech difficulties. I enjoy my work.

The lady I worked with this morning suffered a stroke as well, but was not affected cognitively, nor was her speech altered. Her physical limitation is that of her leg and arm only. I say ONLY because she says only. A real trooper she is. She has a bright, positive outlook on life. Her family tells me she has always been this way.

Tonight, I might dabble with my handcrafts designing and pop in here again to get the latest on what our world has in store for us through your posts of info.

I will take a moment to reflect on others and their mishaps, losses, and suffering. I will for that moment try to imagine (at least) their pain.
And I will send my love and good thoughts their way.

Though I can't help everyone and at times depending on the situation - no one.
I will seek within myself and from others the strength to find answers and action. I cannot say that I always succeed.

Otherwise, I try not to get distracted by mischief makers, or those that try to sell me something I won't and don't want to buy.

I can't take every activity of my daily living and make an association to the NWO in some way or another. I shit because I have to. I need my sanity.

I need to be there for the people I take care of.
That is my purpose. I chose this responsibility.
I feel I've chosen well.
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