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Default Archive Secrets Even the NSA doesn't want you to know...

The various corrupt officials are loosing control of the alternative truth movement very rapidly. They may even out of desperation decide to close down the internet. In order to destroy their ability to ever cover up their crimes, it becomes imperative that users learn how to archive with confidence. Here are some powerful software packages we have used in the past to make offline copies of websites - All Free, If you know of others please reply to this post.

Httrack (mirror an entire website) (free)
Httrack is so powerful it will archive an entire copy of the internet if the resources of your computer system and your bandwidth connection would allow it.. We have used it to make image copies of various alternative websites - for which we then ran a linux script to autoconvert all the html documents into a pdf. Left was a permanent portable archive of a website. It will NOT copy a forum board :l

PDF995 (Print direct to pdf) (free)
Its just that simple, when browsing a webpage hit Ctrl-P (Print), Print to PDF995, and a nearly perfect PDF Copy of the website will be archived. Hint, if the page does not look good try printing to tabloid size (11x17) - it will allow complex sites to print cleanly with the text in its proper position. When view it will not look much different than a 8x11, and the page can be scaled on printout to print out on a print on a normal 8x11.

Archive YouTube Videos (free)
Is that video so hot its about to get deleted from Youtube? Prevent its deletion by making a offline copy for you own usage.. (Look up old archives of websites) (free)
We have successfully actually looked up deleted and or suppressed government webpages by simply copying the URL of the banned page into the URL box at It does not archive everything - but it does make a huge image available to the user. That is where the Jane Standley pre-knowledge BBC videos were found (if I remember correctly).

NEVER ASSUME THAT BECAUSE INFORMATION IS CHEAPLY AND FREELY AVAILABLE TODAY THAT IT WILL STILL BE A YEAR FROM NOW. A good test is to simply unplug your computer from the internet, and then use it to prove that 911 was a inside job, or that Bush is a member of 322, or that WTC7 fell in 6 seconds... 8-)

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