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Default There is no Need to Log in and Out, all the time.

Log in --Log Out--Log in--Log Out...

What's up people? It is not necessary, I will not log out for now on, I don't know what will happen if I leave for 2 hours or so, And I don't care, I'm just NOT GOING TO LOG OUT. ;-)

If I'm not mistaking, the 'system' will log me out automatically I think after a few hours.

Also, Are you people afraid of something, or someone? Are you worried if someone is watching you? Don't be silly, No one is watching you. And just for the record, Spying on your Computer is nothing new, how do you think Corporations sell the garbage they peddle in Wal-mart and Target? Adware Spyware all these things happen on your computer, and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact the internet was concieved by the military industrial complex, you either use it for whatever purposes, or you don't it's that simple. it's there domain CYBERSPACE they own.

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