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Default Extreme Paranoia On this site

If you really believe that they are watching you, tracking you, then STAY AWAY from the INTERNET period! If you really feel they are out there looking for you, then throw your computer in the garbage, You have no business being on the net.

If you really are that paraniod about someone following you, then your computer is literally useless because how else do you gain knowledge?

You gain knowledge by clicking on to websites, otherwise what is the point of a computer? If your that paranoid about just who is what out there, then I suggest you donate your computer to a charitable organization, they could probbaly get more use out of it than you.

Here is the racist crackpot Hal Turner, on his website he now has a supposed Illegal Alien being gunned down on video, but, no don't click there to fascinate your senses, because it's the internet remember, every website is dangerous, including this one you know, So just toss the worthless machine in the river.

By the way, the shadow is a very suspicous character. always insinuating, but never giving any links, if that's not paranoid, I don't know what is?

Here is the club conspiracy website, don't click there. it's vipered.

Shadow may, or may not be correct, but, more information he could easily post on the subject of computer security, why does'nt he?

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