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Springsteen certainly promotes homosexuality, sexually deviant behavior, fires, cutting people in half, etc., etc., etc., throughout his lyrics.

It's difficult to imagine the number of people who wander this planet in a FOG due to their constant exposure to music/songs/lyrics, which can produce a hypnotic effect. Certain messages, repeated over and over again become buried in the subconscious and can be called up with triggers that can be contained anywhere, as long as the target can see them, hear them.

Music is piped in everywhere we go.

It is similar to the techniques used when "mind control" programming a victim in MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

Keep in mind that we begin listening to music at a VERY, VERY YOUNG AGE.

Particularly, children's shows, DISNEY related animations, etc.

So, basically our perception of reality is altered from the moment we are born.

Before the age of five is crucial.

It's difficult to imagine the number of people who walk this planet in VERY suggestible states of mind due to their constant exposure to music and repetition of lyrics.

HYPNOSIS = High state of suggestibility.

Very easily coerced.

Changes one's perception of reality.

Subconscious is tapped and the CORE is not totally in control.

It's difficult to imagine the number of people who were subjected to mind control trauma-based programs; who are walking this planet and may be programmed to act upon specific "triggers" contained within lyrics to songs, musical tones, print, media, television programs, etc.

In other words, it it not beyond the realm of possibility that when in a high state of suggestibility, altered state of consciousness, in a FOG, so to speak, that a mind control victim and even those who are not mind controlled, but just having been subjected to that which I've explained, act upon triggers without contemplation.

This, of course, is true, as well, when speaking about programming directed at children with respect to violence and sexual promiscuity via video games, the big screen, music videos/lyrics, and the perpetual decline of a moral society which is something they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Social engineering.

Changing the biological and physiological chemistry of a human through mind control programming.
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