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Default Re: A Prayer For Evil Doers


Unfortunately, the core of the masonic tribe - the elite is satanist. They worship Lucifer - that is what they all have in common despite their varying differnces of nationality, vices etc.

As I understand, you understand about God only. This club is based on the morality of worshipping satan. That is the foundation.

Whether those in the lower ranks are being decieved into believing this is a bunch of God-fearing good old boys is another story.

Think about the triads or the Crypts. I am certain there are some very good individuals in those gangs and by the very nature and organization of the club - it's a bad idea in genberal.

I'm sure Yoshi could be a great guy and just like the folks who follow Aleister Crowley's or Manson's, he is dealing with naughty bedfellows who have dangerous ideas, whether he knows or you know or not.

The masonic tribe have a very dark nature.

Not my cup of tea to act in secrecy.

I know what they are hiding from first hand personal knowledge, and it's ugly to the bone.
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