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When one is referring to THOUGHT CONTROL, we are talking about MIND CONTROL.

When in highly suggestible state's of altered consciousness, that which you see and hear repeatedly becomes a part of your thoughts and makes up your reality.

A false reality is what they have achieved for many from cradle to grave.

These thoughts are DELIVERED via mainstream media, cinema, billboards, advertising, commercials, etc., etc. from a very young age so that your ability to have your own thoughts/beliefs are diminished.

You are a product of your surroundings and your environment.

This type of brainwashing is commonplace in our educational system where cognitive/creative/and critical thinking abilities are suppressed and our thoughts are controlled through repetition.

We may not DIRECTLY be told what to think, but it is implied and PROGRAMMED INTO US via many methods of delivery through repetition.

Just as a parrot learns to speak what is repeatedly spoken to it over and over and over again, so, too, do the masses.

PARROTING what we see and hear.

The critical part in all of this is that people have become conditioned to believe what THEY HEAR and READ without the ability to use their own deductive reasoning capabilities.

They let others do their thinking for them.

THEY THINK FOR YOU and they tell you what to think!
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