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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

I immediately dismiss anyone who claims to be a mind control victim and speaks about GREYS, ALIENS, REPTILIANS and strange animal creatures.

I don't dismiss them as having not been victims, but dismiss them as having credibility.

Wouldn't most people??

Wouldn't that be THEIR agenda?

They could possibly still be victims and under the control of their handlers, speaking out about aliens so as to discredit the VALID information out there as to underground bases and mind control trauma-based programs.

Whether aliens, reptilians or greys exist, most people would discredit a mind control victim for even saying so.

I also dismiss anyone who isn't a mind control victim, has information regarding the NWO, and interjects the same.

That's just me.

Not sayin' everyone else should.

This guy says that he knows a REMOTE VIEWER who saw the Greys and Aliens and that he personally did not. He saw strange animals in cages.

If they exist and cannot be proven, why say so?

Trauma-based mind control programs are more believable and there is more evidence to support them.

If people who were mind control victims believe they were in contact with aliens, greys, reptilians, leave it OUT! It could very well be disinformation to discredit you and even if it weren't, it would still discredit you in the eyes of most people.

Otherwise, the public will discredit you whether they truly exist or not.

That's my MO!

Until someone shows me an alien, a reptilian or a GREY, I just can't accept it as fact.
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