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Default Re: vitamins and supplements are going to be controlled

I had signed something at a local health food store years ago in regards to the protest of this. However, they let a little time go by, and again they alert us to the plan, big business wants it all. This time I think they will win.

Have you read anything on the possibility of taking Over The Counter meds off the shelves.

I heard that there will be some change in the near future and that you will be able to have your supply more than 30 days, unlike heavy meds that are 30 day supplies.

They figure this angle: no youngster, or senile person will be able to just buy OTC cough medicine, like they do now. Or any other med: aspirin, acetaminophen, and such.

When they have a plan, let's face it---they cover their rear ends with a positive note and say that they have our best interest at heart.
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