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Default The second most hated scientist of the New World Order

Just as there is an agenda to write Tesla out of the history books, there is an agenda to make sure Albert Roy Davis never makes it into the history books.

Davis was the first scientist in the world to discover that magnetism consists of not one, but two separate energies. The North and South poles of a magnet are not the same energy as it is currently taught in colleges throughout the world. They are two different energies with two different effects. This discovery changes the laws of physics as we have come to know them.

Rather than getting into the ramifications of the discoveries of Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls myself, it will be more fun for you and have more of an impact if you read an article about their work written by Walter Rawls himself. Better put your seatbelt on.

Tesla was working on a system to transmit wireless electricity all over the globe for free, a particle beam weapon, and many other amazing inventions. The elite rulers don't want the public to even know that these technologies are possible, nor do they want the public to know about what is possible as a result of the work of the Albert Roy Davis Lab.

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