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Default Re: The second most hated scientist of the New World Order

OK, the discoveries by Davis and Rawls can be applied to medical care, agriculture, energy, and many other fields. If fact, they have not found any topic of human inquiry that these discoveries cannot be applied.

Here are a few of their patents. They have over 50, but most of them are unavailable to the public. One of their patents involves elements. Independent scientists have been unable to determine if the invention alters elements or makes entirely new elements. Either way, it means materials can be made that were never before thought possible. Imagine the possibilities.

I tried to provide links to these patents, but there
was some kind of problem. You can do a patent search
on, do a "Quick Search" by "Assignee Name", and type Biomagnetics International, Inc. You'll find four of their patents, one to expand or compress materials, a method and apparatus to magnetize seeds, a method to diagnose disease, and a method to make a non retentive Al-Ni-Co-Fe alloy.

Anyone know why I can't edit my original post, yet I can edit this one?
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