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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop.

I'd just like to add too that it was 11 years ago almost to the day that me and Cathy give the Granada Convention lectures. That was on 10/31, and now this is the first day of the first year after those 11 years -- 11/1.

On this day of memorial, I'd like to quote something I said all those years ago to Cathy.

That kind of leads me into the presenter for the second oldest profession now who was first? It's a long debate in the
'intelligence' community whether prostitutes or spies came first.

At this point I would like to introduce Cathy O'Brien. The person who rescued my spirituality. I wasn't a bad guy but I
needed that extra push."
It made a lot of sense back then. It makes a lot more sense today.
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