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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop.

MarkPhillips wrote:
I'd just like to add too that it was 11 years ago almost to the day that me and Cathy give the Granada Convention lectures. That was on 10/31, and now this is the first day of the first year after those 11 years -- 11/1.

On this day of memorial, I'd like to quote something I said all those years ago to Cathy.

That kind of leads me into the presenter for the second oldest profession now who was first? It's a long debate in the
'intelligence' community whether prostitutes or spies came first.

At this point I would like to introduce Cathy O'Brien. The person who rescued my spirituality. I wasn't a bad guy but I
needed that extra push."
Thank you Mark. As you already realize, I can only write and speak on what I know from years of personal experience.

And it's true. Mark wasn't a bad guy when we met. But my goodness, how he has grown.

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