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Default Was Tsunami loan sharking scam by WBO?

Found this on xymphora. This stinks of contractor back-handers.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Will the tsunami aid end up bankrupting some of the countries which receive it while enriching construction companies and suppliers owned by the rich from the donor countries? John Perkins, who ought to know, thinks it is a very real danger. When you hear about 'aid', you would normally think of grants, but most aid takes the form of loans. Like the loans from a loan shark, the rates start low, but inevitably get rolled over at much higher rates, with interest being charged on interest. Soon you have to give your whole economy to the international banksters just for the privilege of being allowed to continue to owe them money. Once the IMF gets its hooks into you, you're fucked.
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Seth DeLong on the sensible, fair, restrained, necessary, and long overdue land reform in Venezuela. If you get your information on this subject from the disgusting American media, you would think Chavez was like Stalin going after the Kulaks. I remain convinced that the only reason the Bush Administration continues to attack Chavez - and I have no doubt they would kill him if they thought they could get away with it - is the terrible example he is setting for the rest of the world. If poor people, including poor people in the United States, ever figure out that Chavez-style reforms are a real possibility, watch out!
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