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Default Masons are good? Well here ya go!

The Masons in Oz and the U.K are concervative in nature as Oc pointed out.

The establishment here in Oz is made up of an awful lot of Mason members. They exist in banking, the judiciary, the police high and low as well as heavily in the mining industry.

From here they organise at the highest levels the drug money laundering and protection for such outfits as the outlaw motorcycle gangs. The Jewish mafia out of Melbourne works closely with these gangs.

In fact one of the richest men in Oz, Kerry Packer has serious Mason affiliations and had the code name 'Goanna' by the National Crime authority while he was hauling heroin by the ton into Oz through his cattle stations in the late 70's and early 80's.

The list of paedophile rings, prostitution, etc...involving Masons or their pleb minions is endless.

Want to get off a charge here in West Oz? $80,000 will get you off just about everything. Someone will speak to the 'White Shirts' who will have a word to the 'Purple Circle' and so on until you are off on a technicality...perhaps a suspended sentence.

And who are the 'Purple Circle'? Mason affiliated Judiciary.

I could go on and on.

You cuddle up to this idiot Ahmed. You're known by the company you keep. know nothing of this subject. Your absoloutism will get you dead.

God acts through human beings. God's hand works through human beings. God does not hand you a bowel full of food in the morning Ahmed...God grants you the will to live through which all things flow.

Your absoloutism regarding your beliefs is in fact a subtle psychological state attained by few. Possibly even yourself as it becomes a simple crutch to protect one from the complexities of life.

As for you Mason boy. If you even are a member which i seriously doubt.."If it meets in secret and has a secret handshake...KILL IT".

From there you can gauge my response.

I am no fool Ahmed.

You, however are a fool if you believe that simply by casting a belief over the complexities of the world you will be safe.

As Miss Poppinz points out...there are some very nice people in the drug gangs...they're still in a drug gang.

I once knew a Romanian heroin dealer...very nice guy...he still dealt in death and I never took up the offer of lunch.

Get it Ahmed?
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