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Default Re: Masons are good? Well here ya go!

You're correct believer (I say believer as I doubt much of what you say is true, IE: Knowing an engineer involed in the Montauk project, project Monarch, being under surveileance etc etc......)

Anyway I digress, you are indeed correct, I am not a member of a secret society, I am a member of a society with secrets, and they remain secrets as way of identification.

Your de-personification of a human being is very alarming IE: Kill IT, IT?!

This is a trait of a sociopath.........."It puts the lotion in the basket."

As much as it pains me to say it believer, you are wrong. Masonry may have bad eggs amongs its ranks, I'm sure that every aspect of society is the same, the church, Greenpeace, even the Radio Controlled Plane Flyers of America I'm sure have one or two oddballs, violent, criminal or mentally ill members amongst their ranks. It's a rich tapestry out there.

Indeed - society respects doctors; we go to them for references, passport applications etc, does Dr. Harold Shipman ring any bells?

It's a shame, believer that you choose to personally attack me, I could point you in some directions that will interest you or probably educate you. One of H. Makows colleagues is very good for this.........

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Salut le jeune voyageur et prenez garde.
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