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Default Re: I'm in LOVE with a Beautiful Lady/I Think I may have found My Soulmate???

Shadow wrote:
I ended up having sex with her best friend, at her friends house who lived down the road, my sister ended up banging down the door to her friends house and she caught me with her friend
Why did she do that? Was your sister interested in her too?

No, of course not, My sister is happily married, always has been, I suppose that "best friends" among women is something that supposed to be trustful and sincere, women confide in each other alot, so when there best friend sleeps with her brother, then things begin to disentigrate from there. Although As I recall she was trying to introduce me too her as a potential mate, but, she got surprised that her "best friend" would do that haven just met. Anyways I was 27 years old at the time, her friend was around 40 I think, I did'nt think it would work out well.

Now I must go and talk to my soul-mate.
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