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Default Re: Was Tsunami loan sharking scam by WBO?

Hey sable,

I'm no queen - a serf that has run amock, yes.

I find this stuff easy to understand as I can relate it to everyday life, what I see with my own eyes and what I experience. I guess you could say I pay attention and notice what some folks miss. I've also met a lot of interesting folks that passed on tid-bits of juicy news from the the other team.

If I'm a good student it is becuase of the excellant start I had as a kid in school. I can remember most of my teachers by name. I had exceptional teachers and I guess now would be a good time to thank them.

Mrs. Weatherbee
Mrs. Montgomery
Mrs. Leverman
Mrs. Reid
Miss Hartigan
Mr. DeVertail
Mr. Tom MacDougall - a star amongst math teachers!
Mr. Doug Russong - you made poetry come to life for me!

All that I have learnt, is because of these good people. They taught me well and for that I am more grateful than words can express. They all encouraged me to think for myself and to be my own person - that was their gift. Extraordinary teachers and people. How lucky was I?

I grieve for my children's education and what it could have been. I know how different things could be for them.

There is also one other teacher I would like to give dishonourable mention to specifically.

Mr. MacGuinness - it is completely uncool to perv on 13 year old girls - they are children. I find it highly unpalatable that you are now a principal at an elementary school. I have already moved you on once through exposure and I'm not chasing you around Dartmouth.

I still question the Nova Scotia schoolboard as to where are their boundaries?

I wonder what those good teachers think of the likes of that evil prick? I bet if one had to work amongst such known creatures as fellow teachers, it would make one quite bitter, knowing they couldn't tell or they'd be punished too.

Let's reflect. I found a pedophile ring in a school board reaching to the Minister of Justice - Michael Baker and onto senator Buchanan, to say the least.

And now there are two. Byron found a pedo ring in Newfoundland reaching past the Minister of Justice there?

Is it just the east coast of canada that is systemically perveted or has this sickness within society spread nation-wide? Is it true Reaganomics and a trickling down effect?

Sable, sometimes I wish I were stupid but some I.Q. test says me and my grade 9 education are clever.

I look forward to meeting you also. I was gonna go to England this summer and I'm not. If I go, I won't come back - there's always that chance whenever I get on a plane. Sometimes I just decide to stay.

I'm thinking about a visit to Cuba now. Open dictatorships don't scare me, now I understand Canadian politics.

You won't catch me in the states though, sorry. My eldest's dad has gone dissappearo and I certainly don't want to follow suit.

All in all, it has been a most interesting life.

Thanx sable!

Thanx Henry!
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