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Default Re: Predicting the future or a pinch of salt?

"We are taught to be individualistic monsters"
"We are driven by society to separate ourselves from each other."

How true, Yeo

Often times I see people with high spokesmanship about their god, but not an iota of reference for the whole of humanity.

Yes, Yeo, I believe we are connected far more intimately than we realize.

I'll speak up and say, this was a great post.

PS: in regards to the black box, do you feel that we are getting into knowledge of this by the simpler version--say, of the general black box on planes and newer model automobiles?

Also, do we not have an "egg" of our own in our brains?

Yeoshua, let me share something with you:
when I was 7 years old, I used to sit and ponder of things that other 7 year olds didnt. Here it goes: "Do I see the outdoors' as I look out the window' to be really there, or is it there because I am looking"?

Also, Ahmad, I feel we are all messengers, some have just not discovered this because of blindness, others because of avoidance, and fear. My knowledge of god is personal, but yet, this knowledge is in everyone. I welcome your response.
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