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Default Song of Songs -- A Study in Divine Psycho-spiritual Sexuality & Union

Greetings again. I will enter into a discussion here of the Biblical consciousness of sex. I think this is most important in this day and time in which we live. Sexual consciousness has expanded greatly during the era of modernity. However, divorce rates and sexual fulfillment have decreased. Why, we ask, should this be so?

I have drawn up a new translation of Song of Songs with the hopes of answering some of those questions and present the reader with a new consciousness experience of what the Sex of Divine Union actually looks, sounds, and feels like. It is my hope that this will help to draw men and women together in true love, harmony, and marriage with their chosen soul mates.

I'll be adding comments throughout this discussion for purposes of illumination. Enjoy the journey. May you experenience true Divine Ecstasy in Agape, Philos, and Eros.



He shall keep kissing me with the kisses of his lips,
for thy Love tastes better than wine.
Bycause of thy fine Aromatic Oils,
Pouring Oil soundeth the name of thine.
Thus and so, every Lady adoreth thee.

Entice thou me! Thee we all will chase after.
My King hath initiated me into his secret Mystery Chamber.
In thee we shall all have Bliss & Ecstasy.
We shall rumour thy Love more than fine wine complimenting.
All of the best connoseuirs do select thee discriminatingly.

I am darkly tanned and glamourous,
O Daughters of Hierusalem;
dark as the tents of Kedar;
dark as the veils of Solomon.
O Daughters of Hierusalem,
stare not at me because I am so dark.
Thus I am, for the Sun hath burnt me Black.
The Sons of my Matriarch have to me been utterly abusive
They seduced me to seal up all thy Vineyards in the Word of Restriction.
Yet mine own Vineyard I have let bycome this Desolation.

So now, thou, whom my very soul loveth, alone this answer me:
Where now wilt thou feed thy sheep?
Whence is that patch of pastures green
beside which thou wilt pacify thy flocks beneath the Sun of Midday?
For how wilt thou now allow me to keep moving onward
in the Shadow of the flocks of this thy blinded brotherhood?


If thou, most of all, know not this by now,
O thou, of all women most glamourous,
then follow my flock down its Pasture Trail,
and nurish thy young Goats
by the tents of real Bishops.

Thou wert the image of a regal steed, O my Love,
harnessed to the Chariot of Pharaoh.
Thy cheeks did seem to be charming in chains;
thy neck reined in with a choker.
Yet it is us who did fashion thee earrings of Gold;
thine ears we pierced through with our Silver.


So now each time my King dineth on his Table & Dish,
my Spikenard aerateth effusion of aromatic incense.
My Lover hangeth down over me as stones of Myrh in sachet & stitch,
which are buried down deeply beneath my breasts in the niche.
My Lover is to me a wrapped package of blooming buds of Henna
which are freshly pruned and plucked within his Vineyards of En Gedi.
Thou art so fine, I must needs keep watch, O my Love.
Oh yea, indeed, thou art so fine.
Thine eyes do shine brilliant lazulus of the Dove.


Thou art so fine, yea indeed, O my wholly Beloved:
even thou who art in purest essence the pleasure of mine.
Our Chamber Bed is the very colour green at Tempus Vernum radiated.
The Wooden Beam supporting our Tower is made of Evergreen Cedar.
And with a strong perennial Fir Tree, do we raise up our Rafter.

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